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Personal Assessment System (PAS)

Assessing one’s personality type, behaviorial aspects and work applicability are critical in discovering strengths and areas of development. Building on inherent strengths and learning new skills based on discovered gaps is a key contributor to growing in careers and business.

The Personal Assessment System (PAS) is a revolutionary personal, management and organizational development system. It is designed and developed with the input of extensive research over decades.

PAS integrates the best assessment instruments and tools, to help individuals, educators, consultants, and managers improve their performance.


Powerful enough for large corporations, yet priced to cater to small businesses, PAS helps you make the most of your human capital.

  • Learn about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve your life by sharpening your strengths and improving your weaknesses
  • Enhance your interpersonal relations
  • Sharpen your teamwork capabilities
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Learn your approaches to different issues
  • Discover your motivations and your energy
  • Learn how others think and how to interact with them
  • Discover your own likings and disliking with people, problems and work

Calculate your reactions with a particular environment –

Discover your Learning Style:
Education should increase both knowledge & skills and promote new attitudes & values. PAS 1 tool is designed to maximise & enhance the student’s knowledge base & skills and develop an individual who is a self-learner & thinks critically.

Discover your Behaviour:
PAS 2 tests assess your typical behaviour and preferred way of going about things; they reveal your motivation, attitude and work-style. PAS 2 helps you making decisions, recommendations and advice in objective and fair manner. PAS 2 can predict success in a role more effectively than other methods of assessment such as interviews or references.

Discover Your Personality:
Your personality is the most important factor that drives the success of your career, your relationships, your health and happiness. PAS 3 personality tests, when used to their best advantage, can help you make the right decisions, and improve productivity in your current job.

Other groups and other assessment tools within a group may be added, modified or changed.

Improve your company’s bottom line by taking full advantage of psychological testing in the work place.

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Team Building
  • Motivation and efficiency
  • Learning and academic direction
  • Training and Development
  • Career development programs
  • Management development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Family and relationship

Download the PAS brochure and learn how PAS can help you discover more and succeed.