Assess Gaps. Develop assets. Track Impact.

Assessment Tools

Assessments are a vital part of determining gaps, identifying cause, gauging applicability, measuring achievement and helps course correct careers and organization direction.

Designed to help individuals, educators, consultants, and managers improve their performance, assessment tools are used to:

  • Discover your learning Style
  • Discover your behaviour
  • Discover your personality
  • Discover your Management Competency

Assessment tools or instruments help understand differences in intelligence, aptitude, achievement and interests of learners. They become an important part of effective training to enhance the training process.

Alpha has developed a range of state-of-the-art, research-based assessment tools and psychometric tests which are extremely useful for enhancing self-awareness and for providing a focus to on-going learning and development.

Our assessment solutions include a range of powerful tools that measure knowledge, skills, attitude and beliefs to help individuals, educators, consultants, and managers improve their performance.

Students use psychometric assessments tools to help identify their true potential and paths they can pursue in career and business. Acedemic faculty use this data for more focussed teaching and knowledge transfer and assist students towards achieving their goals.

Assessment tools from Personality Traits to Training Needs, Impact Analysis and Organisation Performance are used by organizations at all levels to identify opportunities, bridge gaps and track progress.

Many tools available are applied and used across geographies without taking into account the localized conditions – social, education, business and political – this making them unsuitable to produce the best result for a particular region.

Alpha Assessments are the only tools that are standardized for the Middle Eastern region and available both in English and Arabic.

Being tools designed inhouse over decades of research, Alpha has the capability to study individual organization needs and customize relevant tools to yield the best results that are specific and accurate.

Read through our assessment types and call us on +971 4 351 6993 to discuss your needs and we would be glad to work out the best model suitable to your organization or group.