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Master Trainer Programme (MTP)

Master Trainer Programme (MTP) is next step in the Train the Trainer Programme (TTP). In this context the word “Master” means expert practitioner; skilled artist, virtuoso; one whose teachings inspires and guides others; genius and leader. The programme is designed for trainers to enhance their knowledge and improve their training skills and to qualify them to train the trainers. It is an important step in the training profession.

The programme is based on the Trainer Competency Model (TCM) developed by HRD Academy and focused on the importance of practical aspects of training quality and standards. Therefore, the admission to this programme requires certain training experience, skills and commitments. The participant need also to pass the assessment exam in order to be qualified as master.

For whom is this course?

While anybody can join the train the trainer programme (TTP), the Master Trainer Programme (MTP) will be for a limited number of trainers who fulfil the following requirements:

  • He must be a registered HRDA certified trainer.
  • He has not violated the professional code of ethics.
  • He has a minimum three years of experience as trainer.
  • He should submit a sample training materials for review and discussion during the training.
  • He should pass the required exam.

Therefore, there will be no automatic admission for those who apply for this programme