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Public Training Old

Public training courses are intensive, in-depth courses around the country. They are open to individuals and groups.

Born out of Middle Eastern roots and deep rooted in the regional culture, our aim is to enhance the skills, relevance, integrity, reputation and intellectual rigor of the region’s populace and infuse global knowledge and methodologies for the betterment of the people and institutions. Our training programs are designed to support this vision, upskill, enhance professional development of our trainees and the industries they serve in.

We are recognised for our outstanding service and for delivering relevant, high-quality, cost-effective learning and development programs that are aligned with the local HRD Framework.

The courses in our Public Training Program are designed to meet the significant training needs of the sector, and are delivered face-to-face, where participants can share ideas and experiences in a professional learning environment. The content of each course is based on research conducted with public sector organisations, research scholars and global educationists and supports current government policy directions.

Our training facilitators are leading experts in their subject matter, and bring these courses to life through practical application, case studies and interactive content.

Our programs are held at fixed schedules at easily accessible locations offering an atmosphere that allows for individual focus while allowing for highly interactive and participative programs. Participants learn better not just through the program director but other participants too by sharing of knowledge and experiences.

The Public Training Programs are also suited for organizations that have less than 8 participants who need to get trained on any of our scheduled learning topics.

Each program begins with an assessment and culminates with one. Along with the assessment report, you are presented with –

  • Attendance Certificate
  • A special Certificate that will attest your credentials as a Certified Professional (if applicable to that course)
  • Certificate from KHDA or other where applicable
  • Certificate from HRDA UK where applicable

Browse through our 2016 Training Calendar, find the course you are looking for and book your training at the most suitable venue; or contact our Professional Development Coordinator on +971 4 351 6993 or email pc@alphatraining.co.uk.