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About Us

Empowering Growth through Assessments, Expert Training & Consulting

Alpha, established in the UK in 1989, is a trusted management training and consulting firm serving clients across Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. We specialise in identifying skill gaps, delivering impactful programs, and enhancing human capital performance.

Our comprehensive range of assessment tools, training programmes, and consulting services are designed by experienced educationists and research experts. Our certified subject matter experts bring industry-specific expertise to deliver effective programs.

We offer multi-lingual programmes in Arabic and English, catering to the Middle Eastern audience. Our clients include businesses, government departments, educational institutions, and non-profit organisations in the UAE and the GCC region.

Choose Alpha for proven training and consulting solutions that drive results. Experience our practical, efficient, and performance-focused approach to learning and development.

Our Vision & Mission

Increasing Human Performance

AI Driven Assessments

Conduct in-depth needs assessments to identify strengths, specific skill gaps & development opportunities

Customised Training that Engages

Design and deliver engaging & interactive training programs tailored to the unique requirements of each client

Optimise Performance with Consulting

Provide comprehensive consulting services, leveraging industry insights and best practices to optimise processes & performance

🌟 Our Vision

Our vision at Alpha is to create a world where individuals & organisations thrive through limitless potential.

Where every person is empowered to achieve greatness & where businesses excel through optimised performance. 

🎯 Our Mission

To empower individuals & organisations to unlock their full potential & achieve extraordinary success through expert training & consulting services.

Our Stories

We Have Completed 15 Years Of Business Experience

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Business Founded

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First Training In Dubai

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Open Dubai Office

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Launch Psychometric Assessments

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