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Leaders are now transforming the human resource function, hierarchy, responsibilities, and skill levels to meet the new demands of a volatile marketplace and a diverse workforce. Human Resources is coming into a new state of being, revolutionizing current roles into strategic partnerships that focus on tight alignment to business goals.

The HR Business Partner model and the general upskilling of HR is becoming the accepted way to address the immediate and future needs of the organization, and is poised to dramatically transform who we are and how we function within the executive ranks. Becoming more strategic not only means losing the transactional and broadening business acumen, but having a complete understanding of all aspects of the organization to provide a more consultative role to the CEO and department heads.

This transformation is changing the very structure of human resources. Creating a team of passionate HR business partners and strategic executives who understand all facets of the business and it’s marketplace can help to guide and influence corporate strategy, and develop a high performance workforce that is more competitive, productive and efficient. But first HR roles and responsibilities must change — and the way we deliver HR to the business must change as well.

The transformation to becoming more strategic involves more than just increasing business acumen. The skills needed to link employee performance to business goals and drive organizational change in areas like employee engagement and retention, recruiting, and leadership development now define the new HR.

Alpha, as a proponent of research, knowledge and collaboration, is instituting 2 new initiatives 2016 onwards.

The Human Capital Summit to be held in October will bring together industry leaders, research scholars, educationists and solution providers on one platform to share knowledge and best practices from around the globe.

Alpha’s 2016 initiative in building HR capability across MEA region begins with the first Human Capital Summit in October 2016. This summit will provide HR professionals from around the region with the best human resources education, tools and partners available. With programs that serve your needs at any stage of your career, our conference will provide an atmosphere of learning, networking, inspiration, collaboration and engagement that are unprecedented.

This two-day event features world-class keynote speakers, informative sessions on cutting edge HR issues, exhibitors from around the globe and an opportunity to network with others in the industry.

The 2016 Human Capital Summit is focused on helping business partners and strategic HR executives increase both personal and organizational performance. Through war-tested and successful case studies from senior level practitioners you will learn what drives workforce performance and agility, and how you can personally maximize your influence and leadership to help achieve business goals.

The Human Resource Forum Middle East (HRforME), beginning April 2016 will be an amalgamation of members, speakers and research scholars from around MEA that will be available to share knowledge and learnings from across industries and geographies. A quarterly informal meeting will be organized for members that will foster interaction and collaboration.

HRforME (Human Resource Forum Middle East is the industry’s first collaborative platform fostering interaction, collaboration and learnings from the community across geographies.

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Keep abreast with the latest news on these initiatives in our Conference section. Mail us on conference@alphatraining.co.uk to give your feedback or participate with us in these initiatives.