Engagements that matter. Be empowered.


Some organizations accomplish what they set out to do and their employees and stakeholders are engaged and happy. Yet research indicates that only 20 percent of companies achieve that.

Alpha provides outstanding consulting in the following areas:

  • Management and Organizational Development
  • Strategic Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Decision Technology and DSS
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • R & D and Technology Management
  • Training and Human Resources Development
  • Research Methodology and Supervision

While the uniqueness of each client dictates the exact services mix, typically our services include Identification of client needs, analysis of the problem through in-depth consulting using scientifically developed tools, and years of experience and skill our consultants bring to the table. This results in Strategic and Operational Planning, Documentation along with Implementation and Support.

Typically, we use an organizational performance assessment and analysis system designed and developed to measure and profile organizational performance and consensus levels in nine critical areas, and to assess, the impact of these activities on organizational performance.

This is then used to improve performance by bringing staff together in cross-functional, cross-hierarchical groups for open exchange; to identify divergent viewpoints to foster growth; to create consensus and decision making around future organizational performance development activities; and, to select, implement and track organizational change and development strategies –  all though detailed consulting sessions.

Learn more on Alpha Consulting practice and write to us on +971 4 351 6993 or email consult@alphatraining.co.uk.