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VIP Coaching

Today’s fast paced world of increasing complex change demands world-class leaders who dedicate themselves to mastery, deliberate practice, and consistent learning.

Succeeding in today’s business environment requires focus and intention. Coaching helps you assess what’s working in your life and career, address what may be holding you back from reaching your leadership potential, and provide you with the practical tools to tackle current business challenges and opportunities.

Alpha provides a special coaching program for VIPs – Ministers, Deputy Ministers, High Government Officials and Business Leaders – who have many responsibilities, valuable time and desire to achieve the highest performance and results at both personal and organization levels.

The Accelerated Development Program (ADP) is designed to develop world class leadership in short time through fully customisable advanced and integrated leadership branding approach and focusing on emerging world-class leadership strategies.

Alpha’s Personal Branding Program (PBP) works with leaders to focus their image and build their professional career and business. Developing your personal brand is essential for the advancement of your career and development as a leader. Personal branding is not promoting oneself through social media – that is advertising. Personal branding is how your personal brand should represent the value you are able to consistently deliver to those whom you are serving – whether it be your job, business or people.

Write to us at vip@alphatraining.co.uk in confidence and we can schedule a time for discussion that suits you.