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We offer a comprehensive range of corporate training courses tailored to your organisation's needs, delivered in Arabic & English

Improve employee performance, drive organisational growth, and enhance skills relevancy with Alpha’s expertly designed training programmes.

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"The key to a thriving organisation is a well-trained, continuously learning workforce!" - Dr Tikrity

Not investing in proper employee training: the fastest path to failure.

Is your organisation struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving business landscape?

You may feel overwhelmed and left behind, with the skills gap in your workforce widening.

This is unacceptable in today’s fast-paced business world. Without continuous learning and development, your organisation risks falling behind competitors

Enhanced on-the-job performance

Our courses and assessments are designed to improve practical skills and drive real results in the workplace.

Tailored to your organisation

We align our training programs with your mission, values, and goals to ensure relevance and maximum impact.

Customised for your employees

We consider the specific needs and objectives of your organisation, delivering training that relates directly to participants' jobs and working environments.

We understand the challenges your organisation faces in developing the skills of your employees.

At Alpha Training, we genuinely care about your primary problem and are dedicated to providing effective solutions that address your unique training requirements.

With over 400 Learning Objects and 14 Assessments developed in-house, we possess the expertise and knowledge to guide your organisation towards success.

Our track record of driving performance improvement and growth for numerous clients is a testament to our capabilities.

Training To Suit Your Requirements

We Have In-House Training, Online & Classroom based training

Open Public Programmes

Opportunities for professionals and smaller groups to join pre-scheduled training sessions, benefiting from a diverse learning environment.


/ Per Student

Online Programmes

With just an internet connection and a computer or mobile device, you can access a wide variety of courses and programs on topics.


/ Per Student

Customised In-house Training

Tailored programs for groups of 10 and above, conducted at your preferred location, ensuring convenience and cost-effectiveness.


/ Per Person

The Plan

3-Steps to higher human Performance


Contact Us

Reach out to Alpha and discuss your organization's training requirements.


Select The Programs

We work closely with you to select training solutions that aligns with your needs, objectives, and schedule.


Experience growth

Watch your employees thrive as they acquire new skills, improve performance, and contribute to your organization's success.

Get The Right Training For Your Workforce

At Alpha Training, we understand the challenges organisations face when it comes to training their workforce effectively.

We provide a comprehensive solution that addresses your unique needs, enhances employee performance, and drives growth.

Our training programs go beyond theoretical knowledge, offering practical scenarios, simulations, and case studies that make learning relatable and applicable to real-world situations.

By choosing Alpha, you invest in the professional development of your employees, providing them with the tools they need to excel in their roles and drive your organisation forward.

Don’t let the opportunity for growth slip away. Overcome the objections that hinder progress and join the numerous organisations that have benefited from our expertise and guidance.

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