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Certified Training Needs Assessment System (TNAS) Practitioner

An elite training programme that gives you the essential skills to perform & manage TNAS assessments effectively

This certification will elevate your professional standing, allowing you to deliver more value to organisations by accurately determining training needs and development plans. unlocking new career & business opportunities.

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"An organisation's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage." - Jack Welch

Are You or Your Organisation Struggling to Identify The Right Training for Employees?

Without the TNAS Practitioner Certification, you may lack the necessary skills to accurately assess training needs within your organisation, resulting in a less efficient workforce.

This can lead to feelings of frustration and ineffectiveness as you struggle to align individual competencies with organisational needs.

It’s wrong to let this problem persist when an accessible solution exists: the TNAS Practitioner Certification.

Identity Skill

Identify and assess the exact competencies needed within your organization to align training & development initiatives effectively.

targeted Development Plans

Create individualised plans based on the TNAS reports, ensuring focused skill-building and employee growth.

Enhanced Organisational Performance

Improve performance by addressing training needs, resulting in a more competent & capable workforce.

Appropriate training can only be developed if the training needs assessment is identified carefully

At Alpha Training, we understand the challenges you face in identifying and addressing training needs within an organisation.

It’s why we have dedicated ourselves to providing this top-tier certification course.

Alpha Training is a globally recognised training provider with numerous testimonials and client logos.

Rest assured, we have the experience and credibility to assist you in obtaining your certification.

TNAS is an easy, accurate and low-cost training needs assessment

Benefits of TNAS

Benefits to Employees

  • Ensures right people get the right training
  • Establishes relevance of training for employees
  • Fosters a healthy coaching and mentoring culture
  • Increases staff motivation and satisfaction

Benefits to HR and Training Managers

  • Helps in identifying skills and performance gaps
  • Addresses these gaps with appropriate training
  • Determines what kind of training is required.
  • Increases effectiveness of training programmes

Benefits to Organisations

  • Increases productivity and optimises resources
  • Helps manage training budgets effectively
  • Produces high quality management information
  • Maintains training and development records

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Become an Asset in Helping Organisations Identify the Right Training

At Alpha Training, we understand the challenges you face in identifying and addressing training needs within your organisation.

It can be overwhelming and time-consuming to assess competencies and develop effective training plans.

However, by enrolling in our world-class certification program, you gain the tools and expertise to overcome these obstacles.

Our training equips you with the skills to determine competencies, choose proficiency levels, conduct assessments, and develop individualised training plans.

Success awaits as you bridge performance gaps, unlock your workforce’s potential, and drive organisational growth.

Don’t let doubts hold you back. Take the leap and transform your training initiatives with TNAS Practitioner Certification.

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