MAPS: The Multiple Assessment Profile System

Guiding Companies to Select the Perfect Employees for the Right Job Roles and Streamlining Recruitment Selection

By aligning individual strengths, abilities, and personalities with job requirements. MAPS enhances employee satisfaction, productivity & overall organizational success.

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"An unexplored self is like an unread book; it's full of potential, but its value remains undiscovered." - Anonymous

A person in a job not suited for them can lead to misalignment between the individual's true abilities & the job requirements

Organizations often struggle with ensuring the right fit between employees and job roles, resulting in employee dissatisfaction, turnover, and reduced productivity.

This problem creates frustration, decreased morale, and a sense of inefficiency within the organization. Employees may feel undervalued, disconnected, and unable to reach their full potential.

Every organization deserves a workforce that is engaged, fulfilled, and performing at its best.

Without MAPS, organizations may miss out on optimizing employee potential, resulting in missed opportunities for growth, innovation, and success.

Optimal Job-Role Fit

Ensure employees are placed in roles that align with their strengths, abilities, and personality traits, increasing job satisfaction and productivity.

Streamlined Recruitment

Use MAPS for recruitment selection to ensure job candidates possess the right personality, skills, and attitudes that align with your organization's objectives and culture.

Retention & Succession Planning

Identify and nurture employees' potential for growth, career advancement, and leadership roles, promoting long-term retention and organizational stability.

We understand the challenges organizations face in matching employees to the right job roles...

As well as making effective recruitment decisions.

With MAPS, we aim to provide a solution that genuinely cares about your organization’s success by optimizing employee-job fit and fostering a culture of engagement and growth.

MAPS has been trusted by numerous organizations across industries to guide their employees in making well-informed job role decisions.

Our assessment system has been proven effective in enhancing employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Join the ranks of organizations that have already witnessed the transformative impact of MAPS on their workforce.

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Empower your workforce to use MAPS assessment for training, recruitment & succession planning


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The Plan

3-Steps to Self Discovery



Employees complete the comprehensive assessment, gaining insights into their strengths, abilities, and personality traits.



MAPS generates reports and recommendations to guide employees and managers in choosing the right job roles and optimizing employee-job fit.



Empower your workforce with the knowledge and support to excel in their roles, enhancing job satisfaction, productivity, and organizational success.

Unlock the full potential of your employees with MAPS

Our comprehensive assessment system goes beyond traditional job role placement and recruitment selection. It is designed to empower your organization and employees with a deep understanding of individual strengths, abilities, and personality traits.

With MAPS, you can ensure optimal job-role fit, leading to increased employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

Imagine a workforce where each employee is in a role that truly matches their natural abilities and personality.

This alignment fosters a sense of purpose and fulfilment, resulting in higher job satisfaction and overall organizational success.

MAPS  also supports your recruitment selection process.

Let us guide your employees towards fulfilling career paths and support your recruitment selection process for optimal organizational success. Start your journey with MAPS today.

What Can MAPS Be Used For?

Recruitment & Selection

Make sure that job holders have the right personality, thinking style, values & attitudes to help the organisation achieve its objectives.


Help students in the decision-making about their learning & improve their confidence & academic performance by creating a map of learning.

Leadership Development

Developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals to enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organisation.

Training Development

Using planned and unplanned learning, in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for the organisation.

Career Development

Helping to gain more knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that help people manage their career more effectively.


Develop group members and their ability to work together effectively. organise and coordinate them towards a common goal.

Family & Relationships

Develop a successful, stable and strong family relationship takes a lot of time and hard work. Learn skills that create closer ties and stronger families.

Self-Awareness & Self-Discovery

Understand your own strengths, weaknesses, values & beliefs. So you can make conscious choices that align with yourself.

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