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Training Needs Analysis (TNAS)

Helping Employers Choose the Right Training Programme For Employees

Don't Waste Time & Money On The Wrong Training

With TNAS, you can identify and bridge knowledge gaps, elevate performance, and speed up the training process. The ultimate online tool to optimise Training Needs Assessment.

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"With TNAS, you're not just identifying gaps. You're unlocking potential, fostering growth, and driving progress." - Dr Tikrity

Are you struggling to pinpoint specific areas where your team needs training?

Are you overwhelmed by developing efficient training programmes for your organisation?

This uncertainty can cause stress, lost productivity, and prevent you from delivering at your best. 

In the fast-paced modern business world, this can be challenging. You deserve a clear, strategic path to development and success. 

Targeted Growth

Achieve targeted growth by identifying specific training needs.

Save Time

Save time and resources by focusing on areas that truly matter.

Better Performance

A culture of self-improvement, engagement & performance.

Our Mission: Empowering Growth through Tailored Training Solutions.

We understand how challenging it can be to identify and address your training needs. Your growth is our mission.

With an extensive roster of satisfied clients and a wealth of experience, we have the expertise to guide you on your journey towards knowledge and skill enhancement.

TNAS can be used in three levels of Training Needs Assessment:

Online Training Needs Assessment

Our Pricing - A Small Investment To Unlock Your Team's Potential


Ideal for independent professionals.


/ Per Student


Suitable for internal department groups.


/ Per Person


Designed for large-scale organizational needs.


/ Per Employee

Certified Trainer

For those looking to make an impact and train others to use TNAS & turn it into a business


/ Per Trainer

The Plan

Identify The Training Needs In 3 Steps


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Complete Assessment

Perform the training needs assessment, customised to your specific needs.



Implement the insights from the assessment to focus your training efforts and achieve growth.

Transform the way you identify & address training gaps in your organisation, to drive talent development & improve performance

We recognise the unique challenges you face in pinpointing your training needs and guiding your team to improved performance. With TNAS, we’re here to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Imagine a future where your team is constantly improving, adapting quickly to new processes, and exceeding performance goals. Forget about wasting resources on generic training programmes.

Your path to success lies in targeted, efficient, and effective training, all achievable with TNAS.

Various Types of Assessments

The TNAS system helps people and training managers spend their training budgets wisely. TNAS can do five types of assessments to help find the best training choices.

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