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Dr Mohammed Tikrity

Dr Tikrity is a senior consultant and R&D specialist. His main interests include R&D Management, Strategic Analysis and Decision Techniques. Dr Tikrity holds a PhD in Control System Engineering from Manchester University in UK. He is accredited and certified in NLP, Spiral Dynamics, HBDI, DISC Personal Profile system, Systematic Multi Level Observation of Groups (SYMLOG), and Six Sigma Black Belt. Dr Tikrity is a member of the Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM), the Institute of Leadership and Management and the Global Facilitators Network. He has published 12 books on various topics including performance assessment, analysis and competency management.

Dr Bashar Shawky

Dr Bashar brings 17 years of experience in Training, Development and Human Resources. Over this time, he has trained and recruited over 100,000 candidates across multiple industries and designed more than 200 training Programs. Dr Bashar has designed and delivered programs to various levels within organizations including leadership programs. Bashar holds a PhD of Human Resources, Master Degree in Business Administration major in Human Resources Management, a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English literature, and a Bachelor of Business Administration major in Marketing Strategies.

Dr Abdelmawgoud Abdelsamea Farhan

Dr Abdelmawgoud is the Manager of Arab Corporation for Preparing, Standardizing, and Publishing of Psychological Tests and the Chairman of Association of Neuropsychological Evaluation and Habitation. Dr Abdelmawgoud holds a PhD in Psychology from Ain Shams University. Master in Psychology, Ain Shams University, specialised in the Distinctive Capacity of the Stanford-Bennet Scale: The Fourth Edition in Assessing Locating Brain Injuries and its Functional implications.

Megan Borysiewicz Cole

Megan is an established international people and organisational development consultant with over twenty years of experience. Originally studying to become a Barrister, Megan worked in sales and marketing to finance her degree and this originally led her into her first taste of training as a fledgling sales manager. She enjoyed it so much that she re-trained and has been training in a variety of roles ever since: Director of Studies. Business English Trainer, Training Consultant, Training Officer, Training Manager, People Development, Organisational Development and for the last years as an independent training consultant.

Engr. Lugman Abdi Ahmed

Engr. Lugman is Senior Vice President for Middle East and Africa, Syqic Capital, and founding partner of Carbon-Venture, Timeline, Arbah Trading LLC and Director of TAKtical Advisory Group for Venture Capital (TAG). Engr. Lugman Venture Capital Advisory for Telecom start-ups, Mobile license Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and Termination Agreements. He is a Certified Master Trainer from HRDA. He conducted management courses for government and private sectors in various fields including planning, presentation skills, organisational management, and finance for small business.

Dr Rakan Al-Rawi

Dr Rakan is a Trainer and Consultant in administrative management and human resources management. He holds PhD in Administrative Sciences / University of Baghdad. Dr Rakan is a Certified Trainer from the HRD Academy UK, Gulf International Academy for Training and Consultancy, the Arab International Academy for Training and Human Resources Development and from the American International Training Center.