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Find The Right Career To Match Your Personality & Strengths

Don't Choose a Career or Job That Doesn't Align With Your Unique Personality & Strengths.

MAPS Assessment will provide you with a clear understanding of your thinking styles, learning style, personality and emotions, enabling you to unlock your full potential in the right career.

"An unexplored self is like an unread book; it's full of potential, but its value remains undiscovered." - Anonymous

Not Sure What Motivates You or What Career Is Right For You?

The problem many people face is not fully understanding themselves – leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

This lack of understanding can lead to feelings of frustration, confusion and stagnation.

It’s wrong because everyone should have access to the tools necessary to unlock their full potential and perform at their highest level.

Discover your true self

Understand yourself better by learning about your personality, the way you think, your strengths and your emotions.

Master Your Success Skills

Improve performance in various areas such as leadership, team building, career development, and relationships.

One Single Comprehensive Tool

Enjoy the benefits of a single comprehensive tool that reduces the need for multiple assessments.

Most People Don't Know Their Strengths & Employers Struggle To Get The Best Out of Them

At Alpha UK Training, we understand the frustration and limitations that come with not fully understanding yourself and your capabilities.

We care about your personal and professional growth.

With years of research, and expert application, we developed a system designed to help you discover your full potential and navigate your path to success.

4 indicators in one assessment

Know Yourself Properly In 4 Ways

personality &


Emotional intelligence

Academic & Career Direction

4 Indicators In One Assessment

Our Pricing - A Small Investment To Unlock Your Potential


For students looking to find the right degree that aligns with your personality


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For post-graduates & professionals who feel stuck & want to unlock their potential


/ Per Person


For organisations to understand what motivates their employees & get maximum performance


/ Per Employee

Certified Trainer

For those looking to make an impact and train others to use MAPS & turn it into a business


/ Per Trainer

The Plan

3-Steps to Self Discovery



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Complete Assessment

Take the 15-minute MAPS assessment.


Know Yourself

Get your report & begin your journey towards self-discovery and improvement.

Most people are in jobs They are not happy doing

At Alpha, we know the frustration of not understanding your full potential.

Many fear the process may be time-consuming, costly, or too complex to understand.

With Alpha, these concerns disappear. Our assessment is affordable, efficient and designed to be easily understood.

It gives you an insight into your thinking styles, attitudes, personality and emotions, providing actionable insights to unlock your full potential. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back.

Let MAPS guide you on your journey to success.

What Can MAPS Be Used For?

Ready To Discover Your True Self?