Introducing MAPS: The Multiple Assessment Profile System for Students

Guide students in choosing the right career path or degree based on their unique personality & abilities

Empower your students to make informed decisions about their academic & career choices. Providing valuable insights into their personality, thinking styles, and abilities. Helping them discover their true potential and pursue paths that align with their interests & strengths.

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"An unexplored self is like an unread book; it's full of potential, but its value remains undiscovered." - Anonymous

Choosing the wrong career can be bad for both the student & the organisation

Students often struggle with choosing the right career path or degree, leading to confusion, indecision, and wasted time pursuing paths that may not align with their true interests and strengths.

This uncertainty can cause stress, anxiety, and a lack of direction, hindering students’ academic success and future prospects.

Every student deserves the opportunity to explore their true potential and pursue a path that brings them joy and fulfilment.

Without MAPS, students may miss out on discovering their ideal career or degree, leading to dissatisfaction and unfulfilled potential.

Personalized guidance

Help students understand their unique personality and abilities, guiding them towards academic and career choices that align with who they are.

Academic success

Empower students to make informed decisions, increasing their motivation, engagement, and success in their chosen paths.

Enhanced student support

Provide a comprehensive tool to support your students' personal & professional development, creating a positive & fulfilling university experience.

We understand the challenges universities face in supporting students' academic & career journeys

With MAPS, we’ve developed a solution that genuinely cares about your student’s success and aims to empower them with the right guidance and support.

MAPS has been trusted by numerous universities and high schools worldwide.

Our assessment system has proven to be effective in helping students discover their ideal career or degree, leading to higher satisfaction and success rates.

Join the ranks of universities that have already witnessed the transformative impact of MAPS on their students’ lives.

4 Indicators In One Assessment

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The Plan

3-Steps to Self Discovery



Students complete the comprehensive assessment, gaining insights into their personality, abilities, and interests.



MAPS generates detailed reports and recommendations, guiding students towards academic and career paths that match their unique profile.



Empower students to make informed decisions, providing ongoing support and resources to help them excel academically and succeed in their chosen careers.

Unlock the full potential of your students with MAPS

Our comprehensive assessment system offers a personalised approach to academic and career guidance.

By understanding their personality, abilities, and interests, students can make informed decisions that lead to greater engagement, motivation, and success.

MAPS provides the tools to ensure your students thrive academically and embark on fulfilling career paths that align with their true selves.

Help your students make the right choices from the start. Start their journey with MAPS today.

What Else Can MAPS Be Used For?

Academic Direction

MAPS helps students make informed decisions about their learning, identifying their learning preferences and strengths. By creating a map of their learning style, MAPS enhances students' confidence, academic performance, and overall educational experience.

Personal Growth and Self-Understanding

MAPS provides a deep understanding of students' personalities, thinking styles, and emotions. This knowledge allows students to better understand themselves, build self-awareness, and make positive changes in their behaviours and attitudes.

Leadership Development

Developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals to enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organisation.

Enhancing Relationships

MAPS sheds light on how students relate to others, improving their communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. This leads to stronger relationships with peers, teachers, and mentors, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Student Support and Counselling

MAPS serves as a valuable tool for student support services and counselling teams. The assessment provides an understanding of students' strengths, challenges, and needs, enabling targeted interventions and support for their holistic well-being.


Develop group members and their ability to work together effectively. organise and coordinate them towards a common goal.

Emotional Intelligence

MAPS assesses emotional intelligence, enabling students to understand and manage their emotions effectively. By developing emotional intelligence, students cultivate resilience, empathy, and self-regulation, contributing to their overall well-being and success.

Personalised Learning Strategies

With insights from MAPS, educators can tailor their teaching methods to match students' learning styles and preferences. This personalised approach enhances student engagement, motivation, and academic achievement.

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