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Unlock A New Revenue Stream - Become A MAPS Certified Trainer

By becoming a Certified MAPS Practitioner, you’ll unlock new dimensions in your training and consulting career, leading to rewarding opportunities and personal growth.

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"An unexplored self is like an unread book; it's full of potential, but its value remains undiscovered." - Anonymous

Struggling To Standout From Other Trainers With Generic Courses?

As a trainer or consultant, your challenge may be in delivering consistently high-impact and diverse workshops.

Most trainers have similar training courses. And struggle to differentiate what is unique and in demand.

It’s unfair that your talent and potential remain untapped due to a lack of the right tools and frameworks.

Add MAPS to your training programmes and watch your numbers grow. 

A Blue Ocean

Master a new, dynamic & globally recognised system for training & consulting.

Ready To Train

Receive a complete toolkit, enabling you to conduct workshops effectively.

New Revenue Stream

Earn the right to promote yourself as a Certified MAPS Practitioner, creating new revenue streams.

It's Not Easy To Create A Unique Training Programme & Software for Your Clients

We understand the frustration of not being able to deliver training that truly makes a difference. We’ve been there too.

Our experienced trainers, having trained hundreds of Certified MAPS Practitioners, are proof of our expertise.

Check out our testimonials page and see how our certification has propelled careers forward.

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How Can I Make Money As A MAPS Certified Trainer?

  1. Offer MAPS Workshops: Once you’re certified, you’ll have the right to conduct MAPS workshops. Businesses, educational institutions, and individuals are constantly seeking quality training opportunities, and being able to offer MAPS workshops can give you a competitive edge. You can charge for these workshops based on their depth, duration, and the value they provide.

  2. In-House Training: If you’re part of an organisation, you can introduce and conduct MAPS workshops within your company. By doing so, you’re adding value to the organisation, which could lead to higher remuneration or even a promotion.

  3. Consulting Services: As a Certified MAPS Practitioner, you can offer specialised consulting services. Clients may seek you out for your certified experts to help them understand and apply MAPS techniques in their own organisations or lives.

  4. Online Courses: You could also consider turning your MAPS knowledge into online courses. With e-learning becoming increasingly popular, online courses are a fantastic way to reach a global audience and generate income passively.

  5. Assessment Fees: As a Certified MAPS Practitioner, you’ll also have the valuable ability to conduct MAPS assessments. This is not only a fantastic way to bring measurable value to your clients, but it’s also a great income source. You can charge end-users for taking the assessment, providing them with a deep insight into their own capabilities and areas for improvement.

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Make A Living By Empowering Others

We understand your struggle to stand out in a competitive training and consulting landscape.

That’s why our Certified MAPS Practitioner Program was designed – to help you overcome these challenges and truly shine.

With our practical, hands-on training approach, you’ll be equipped to deliver workshops that make a lasting impact.

We offer you more than a certificate; we provide you with the tools to reach your fullest potential.

Overcome your limitations and discover the rewards of becoming a Certified MAPS Practitioner.

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