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Training programs that are meant to address fulfil a schedule, go through the motions, with negligible follow up on effectiveness and impact do little to add actual value to an organisation’s training needs. Modern day training goes beyond simple classroom or outdoor sessions by tracking work application and measuring impact.

Alpha has a wide range of learning programs designed using the state of the art tools and scientific methodologies that result in utilizing and enhancing the thinking, learning, intelligence, behaviour and emotion by each participant.

Our Multi-lingual trainers with decades of experience in organizational development ensure the programs are delivered in a manner that suits the specific audience. We go a step ahead and track intervention application to actual work spheres.

For organizations, our programs are arranged in a unique modular structure that combines base skills into one module and provides for further learning through top-up programs that address key areas based on specific roles and needs. Each program is unique to the organization and custom built to specific goals, processes and is result oriented, with provision to track applicability and impact. Every intervention is mapped to measurement metrics that ensure visibility and traceability.

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Management & Leadership,Customer Service,Project Management,Marketing & Sales,Health, Safety & Environment,Contract & Tenders Management,Adminstration & Secretarial,Finance & Accounting,Human Resources Management,Quality Management,Training & Development to view our program modules. If you need any additional specific modules, we can custom develop those for you.

Professionals, based on the industry they serve and the role they play in them, have a wide choice from over 400 learning programs scheduled throughout the calendar year. These programs bring together participants from diverse fields and skills, forging an atmosphere of collaboration and cross-learning.

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