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Gain valuable insights into strengths & development areas to unlock employees’ full potential. And boost productivity and employee engagement, making your workplace more efficient and harmonious.

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"We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve." - Bill Gates

Without self-awareness, potential is limited for employees & managers.

Without an understanding of skills and areas for improvement, employees and managers can struggle to reach their full potential.

This lack of self-awareness can lead to stagnation, decreased productivity, and a lower sense of job satisfaction.

We believe in the power of each individual’s potential.

By not maximising this, companies are failing their employees and themselves.

Reveal Full Potential

Reveal unseen potential, fostering a deep understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Promote Self-Awareness

Encourages personal development and growth. Leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Improve communication

By creating an open, transparent culture that values feedback.

Take The Guesswork Out of Employee Training Programmes

We understand how challenging it can be to accurately assess yourself and your colleagues.

Our assessment is designed to simplify this process, offering clear, actionable insights.

We’re trusted by more than 150 companies for our sophisticated, reliable performance data.

Have a look at our testimonials to see who we’ve helped.

360 Degree Assessment process is designed to assist you, your team & your organisation in professional development

Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback

For the individual

  • Help the person understand his or her own personality from an outsider’s perspective
  • Gain deeper insight into how work behaviour is perceived by others with whom they work
  • Development needs are revealed

For the team

  • Increase communication between team members
  • Support teamwork by involving team members in the development process
  • Improve team work, by raising awareness of how others perceive individuals as a contributor to the group

For the organisation

  • Better career development for employees
  • Improves customer service by having customers contribute to the evaluation
  • Provide employees with a better understanding of their strengths & weaknesses
  • Help identify top performers

360 assessment

Our Pricing - A Small Investment To Unlock Your Potential


For post-graduates & professionals who feel stuck & want to unlock their potential


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For organisations to understand what motivates their employees & get maximum performance


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Certified Trainer

For those looking to make an impact and train others to use MAPS & turn it into a business


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The Plan

A 3-Step Process To drive personal development


Choose Your Package

Select the package that best suits your needs.


Begin Assessment

Complete the assessment online at your own pace.


Review Results

Receive comprehensive, actionable insights based on your responses.

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential with Alpha's 360 Degree Assessment

At Alpha, we understand the challenge of identifying strengths and weaknesses within your team or as an individual.

The traditional methods may not always give you the full picture. That’s why we’ve designed our 360 Degree Assessment.

It’s not just about pinpointing areas for improvement; it’s about revealing untapped potential and harnessing it.

With our assessment, you’ll create an open culture of feedback, boosting overall productivity and engagement.

It’s easy, it’s quick, and most importantly, it’s effective. Let’s overcome the barriers together and lead your team towards success.

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